Our Story

Hi! We’re Alison and Emma. We’re the daughters of a farmer. We’re also the granddaughters of a farmer and the great-granddaughters of a farmer. These fields have been in our family for four generations, feeding the people of south jersey and beyond. Our whole lives have been centered around this place. It’s where we grew up. It’s where Emma’s bakery was built. It’s where we both got married and specifically, it’s where Alison was married in a field of sunflowers. It was then that we realized just how much birds love these seeds. After the wedding, we cut down some heads to put by the feeders and almost instantly, we saw that they attracted more birds than we’d ever had in our yard before.

What we learned from planting that little plot of sunflowers was that, when it comes to their food, birds know the difference. When they get to the feeder, they know what’s quality and what’s filler and above all else, they know that they want black oil sunflower seed—the number-one seed for attracting a wide variety of birds to your backyard. And so that’s where we started—dedicating acres of our small, Atlantic County farm to row after row of sunflowers. Our seed is twice-cleaned and free of preservatives, sold in thoughtful, sustainable packaging and grown, bagged and shipped by hand, entirely by our family. It’s a new endeavor, a new chapter for this farm and a new direction for our family but we’re so excited to be doing it the way we’ve done everything around here—together.

Give the birds in your backyard what they want. Give them Farmer Baker Premium Birdseed. 

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